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Cantab Awarded ARC 3D Award

Cantab Asset Management is an Associate Member of Asset Risk Consultants (‘ARC’) and has been awarded the 2019 ARC Suggestus 3D Award. The 3D Award recognises Cantab's ongoing commitment to transparency, engagement and integrity. ARC is an independent investment consultancy firm which provides impartial performance comparators for the financial services industry. ARC reports are available free of charge to financial advisers and other intermediaries. To download the Cantab Asset Management ARC PCI reports please visit the ARC website: https://www.suggestus.com/accounts/register.

ARC provide extensive independent Due Diligence and Performance research for Financial Advisers and Family Offices.

To discuss how Cantab can assist you, please call us on 01223 52 2000 or email advice@cantabam.com.

Download: 12a - Q4 2018 ARC Reports