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Citywire Outsourcing Investment Handbook 2018

Following on from the Citywire Investment Performance Awards, in which Cantab was shortlisted for the Balanced Portfolio Performance award, Citywire has produced their ‘Outsourcing Investment Handbook for 2018/19’. 

Citywire publishes news and professional commentary on the wealth management industry. With the radically changing rules and regulations applied to the industry, they recognise the distinguished firms and people that have embraced change to provide excellent results and dedication to clients. 

Cantab Asset Management is delighted to be featured as a mainstream provider of Discretionary Portfolio Services for Independent Financial Advisers and Private Banks. 

The profile on Cantab Asset Management demonstrated the success and pedigree of the firm:

"Our name and history trace back to Cambridge. Our views and experience are international.

Cantab is an investment management firm with more than thirty years of client service. We have considerable expertise and understanding of investment strategy, asset allocation, fund selection and stock analysis.

Our Investment Committee is made up of experts from different disciplines."

Cantab’s ARC verified performance came top for the 5-year Balanced Portfolio in the 2016 and 2017 FT Private Client Wealth Management Guide.” 

Cantab has also launched their VT Cantab Fund ICVC to encompass the successful model portfolios within an OEIC structure allowing IFAs to access the Cantab investment management skills as well as the tax efficiency of an OEIC. There is no CGT on switches within an OEIC, there is no VAT on the management fees and the investment management fees are deductible for tax purposes. 

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