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8th December 2013 - Investment Comment

Investment Comment December 2013

Positive economic news is emanating from a number of directions and taking these and other factors into consideration, we view the equity markets in the developed nations favourably.  Emerging markets have suffered this year with fear ...

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8th November 2013 - Investment Comment

Investment Comment November 2013

The US government shutdown has been resolved and the debt ceiling deadline extended to February.  Deficit reduction is improving the situation, and growth in the value of housing and overall wealth in the US is increasing consumer con ...

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21st October 2013 - Investment Comment

Quarterly Investment Comment: Q4 2013

Returns of indices are shown below:   Q3 2013 % YTD 2013 %   Year 2012 % Year 2011 % Equities     ...

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8th October 2013 - Investment Comment

Investment Comment October 2013

There is considerable concern about the US government shutdown and the pending debt ceiling deadline.  It is to be hoped that a settlement will be reached before the deadline. The underlying economy continues to recover and increasing ...

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8th October 2013 - News

UK economic prospects revised upward

In further encouraging signs of the improving UK economy, the OECD, in their latest assessment of the global economy, has raised its forecast for growth in UK Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2013 from 0.8% to 1.5%, due to the momentum achi ...

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