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19th May 2014 - News

Celebrating 30 years of Cantab Asset Management

This year, Cantab Asset Management celebrates its 30th anniversary of giving investment advice. David Saunderson, Chief Executive of Cantab, said “We are delighted to be celebrating our thirtieth year. Since the merging of the Lon ...

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2nd May 2014 - Investment Comment

Investment Comment May 2014

Sell in May and go away? Take a vacation, but don’t sell if you are a long term investor.  Transaction costs and the difficulties of timing reinvestment surely cancel out any theoretical advantages.  There is a greater corr ...

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8th April 2014 - Investment Comment

Investment Comment April 2014

Fragile spring blossoms promise that summer will arrive once more.  The first quarter was bumpy, with the Top UK 100 Companies trading in the range of 6450 to 6865.   Yet equity markets are proving resilient, recovering ...

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21st March 2014 - News

Budget 2014

The Chancellor of the Exchequer gave his Budget to Parliament on 19 March 2014 The Chancellor outlined his views on the UK economy with positive figures on GDP growth, deficit reduction, government borrowing and overall debt. He anno ...

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12th March 2014 - Investment Comment

Investment Comment March 2014

“Games are won by players who focus on the playing field - not by those whose eyes are glued to the scoreboard.”  Warren Buffet’s latest Berkshire Hathaway investment letter reminds us not to be overly fixated on the ...

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