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Financial Investment Portfolio Management - Cambridge & London

Discretionary financial investment management offers many benefits to clients. 

Cantab Asset Management provides a Discretionary Management Service for clients as it strives to further improve portfolio performance, reduce administration time for clients and facilitate the integration of financial planning and investment management.

The mission of the firm is to assist private clients, trusts and charities across London and Cambridge to create, preserve and protect capital to meet their needs and objectives.

The investment philosophy of the firm is:

  • To achieve diversification through a range of asset classes. 
  • To manage the investment risk by proportionate use of the asset classes.
  • To meet objectives through the selection of appropriate fund managers.
  • To review financial investments regularly for acquisition and for sale.

As a firm, we seek to employ the best people, to use the best systems and to maintain the highest professional standards.

Bespoke Client Portfolios

Each client portfolio is bespoke but with the nature of our research and financial investment process there is a high level of commonality between portfolios. We invest predominantly in collective investments including unit trusts, open-ended investment companies (OEICs), investment trusts and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).  However, we do invest also in individual ordinary and preference shares, gilts and corporate bonds.

We take on equity portfolios for management although we do this on the basis that over time these portfolios will be converted to include collectives to increase diversification and reduce risk unless specifically requested to do otherwise by a client. For existing portfolios, we rationalise holdings (tax permitting) focusing on larger capitalisation UK equities. We do manage portfolios to take advantage, where applicable, of the annual Capital Gains Tax (CGT) allowance.

We manage funds within pension fund wrappers such as Self Invested Personal Pensions and Small Self-Administered Scheme portfolios. We also manage funds within ISA wrappers and offshore bonds.  We use a range of indices to compare portfolio performance, many of which are considered industry standards. Within this range, we work with our clients to select the most appropriate indices for each individual portfolio.

Each client has a Client Director in the firm and is introduced to the Director’s staff team as appropriate. Client meetings are usually held at least once per year and formal valuations with our investment commentary are provided regularly. Ad hoc valuations are available online after client registration has been completed. A monthly investment note is posted on the website. We provide annual tax reports for both income and capital gains after the tax year end.

Discretionary Management Service

Comparing Asset Classes

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