Working together

Who we are

Cantab Asset Management is an investment advisory firm with more than thirty years experience from its antecedent firms in the provision of good advice to private clients and companies. We have considerable expertise and understanding of pensions, estate and financial planning, investment strategy, stock selection and fund selection, as well as a commitment to give clients the best advice possible, and to serve them well.

Cantab Asset Management's mission is to provide independent, professional advice and service around a client's financial situation.

The firm comprises a Board of Directors who manage teams of financial planners and investment analysts as well as other support staff. The teams are made up of people from different disciplines. This ensures a depth of knowledge is made available to all clients. When necessary, the teams draw on additional expertise through relationships with other professionals in the legal, tax, actuarial and property fields.

The firm operates on a fee basis, which is simple, easy to understand and is discussed and agreed in advance with clients.

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