Dyed in the wool


Cantab Asset Management is committed to engendering trust with stakeholders by acting responsibly and ethically. Cantab’s stakeholders include clients, staff and community.  The firm’s focus is on four key areas:

  • responsibility to one another;
  • responsibility to clients;
  • responsibility to the community; and
  • responsibility to the environment.

The firm has committed to a number of initiatives including:

  • offering flexible working arrangements for staff;
  • professional training for all staff to ensure the highest standards of service;
  • working with community and charitable organisations to assist those in need;
  • offering work experience placements within the firm; and
  • taking forward environmentally sound practices within the firm.

Dedicated corporate social responsibility committee members regularly review and update plans and policies, taking into account the views of staff members to ensure they are robust and sustainable. 

Cantab believes that the long term sustainable growth of the firm will be achieved through strong relationships across the stakeholder groups and making an ongoing contribution to business and wider society.

Cantab believes that clients will choose to work with firms which share their values and are committed to long-term relationships.

Cantab is a signatory to the UN PRI (United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment).

quote-leftgive careful thought to the paths for your feet and be steadfast in all your waysquote-right