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Investor Portfolio Service & Financial Investment Management

Cantab offers Financial Advisers access to leading investment management.

The name and history trace back to Cambridge. Our views and experience are international.

Cantab is an investment management firm with more than thirty years of client service. We have considerable expertise and understanding of investment strategy, asset allocation, fund selection and stock analysis. Our investment committee is made up of experts from different disciplines. This depth of knowledge is made available to all clients through our investment research team. 

Our investment performance speaks for itself. For the second year running, Cantab has come out top in the FT Private Client Wealth Management Guide. Cantab’s Discretionary Fund Management gives clients and advisers access with the service working on a bespoke basis or through our Managed Portfolio Service.

Cantab works with client advisers to assist in achieving investment objectives.

Working with Cantab will create a strong partnership from which your clients will benefit. You can focus on the financial planning and will not face the time, resource, stress and regulatory issues that are an integral part of portfolio management. By working with Cantab you can also assure your clients that the investment management they receive is independent.

Independent discretionary managers provide unbiased and unrestricted advice for a client based upon a comprehensive and fair analysis of the whole of the marketplace. Our view is that it is in your best interest to appoint an independent discretionary manager in order that your client portfolios may be managed in a comprehensive and holistic manner with all options available and considered to arrive at the best solution.

Cantab offers two core services to financial advisers, releasing time to focus on financial planning.

  • Managed Investor Portfolio Service (MPS): Where investor portfolios are between £100k and £500k, Cantab offers the MPS. Portfolios are brought in line with Cantab models at the click of a button. We have a series of risk-rated portfolios which are used in line with the client’s attitude to risk.
  • Bespoke Investor Portfolio Service (BPS): This service is bespoke and is suitable for clients with portfolios over £500k. Each client portfolio is bespoke but with the nature of our research and investment process there is a high level of commonality between portfolios. We invest predominantly in collective investments including unit trusts, investment trusts, and ETFs. However, we do also invest in individual ordinary and preference shares, gilts and corporate bonds.


Please contact us for information on our DFM fees for MPS and BPS.

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