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Independent Fund Management & Pension Scheme Trustee Services

Cantab advises defined benefit pension scheme trustees on their investments and regulatory requirements.

Cantab Asset Management’s independent Pensions Service looks after a select group of pension funds in the UK. We work closely with trustees and advisers to provide the advice and expertise required for individual needs.

Pension scheme trustees are responsible for their scheme’s investments. Trustees need to ensure that they have suitably documented investment governance arrangements that are appropriate for the circumstances. The pensions regulator encourages trustees to work with advisers and investment managers to ensure good investment governance.

We assist in the structuring of investments and the cashflow planning and provide the professional skills to tackle the wide diversity of involved interests.

We provide both advisory and discretionary investment management services.  We will work to establish the levels of risk and return which trustees consider appropriate and develop a financial plan to facilitate the achievement of objectives.  We will discuss any investment preferences which trustees have and incorporate these into the planning process.

Our discretionary investment service will then work to implement the plan, report back regularly to trustees on the performance and provide guidance on the achievement of desired objectives. The investment manager will create and maintain portfolios that are specifically designed for the fund and customised towards helping achieve objectives on a pre-agreed risk profile.

We are creative and flexible and can provide trustees with innovative solutions to challenges that are faced as the interests of the fund are considered now and in the future.

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