Toby Allebon Director
Diana Bevan Assistant Wealth Manager
Louisa Billington Marketing Assistant
Cristina Bota Director
Maisie Bott Assistant Director
Leah Bramwell Director
Will Briston Business Development Director
Dr Pippa Browne Marketing Executive
Jack Burchell Client Director
Monique Carew Business Systems / Operations
Liam Cohen Assistant Wealth Manager
Diana Criscov Assistant Director
Dr Jeremy Davis Managing Director
Dominic Dunster Graduate Wealth Manager
Lewis Ellis Graduate Wealth Manager
Michael Grayston Senior Associate Director
Ed Green Director
Antonia Hamilton Assistant Wealth Manager
James Hamilton Client Director
Marina Isakova Finance Executive
Tomos James Graduate Wealth Manager
Stefano Piazzese Associate Director
Judith Purton Executive Assistant to CEO and HR Manager
Harry Sangha Client Director
David Saunderson Chief Executive
David Silver Director
Stuart Turner Chief Technology Officer
Lionel Welch Director
Mark Wynne-Jones Director