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Cantab Asset Management

Cantab Asset Management is a chartered firm of independent financial planners and discretionary investment managers dedicated to the provision of best advice. Our clients are varied - private individuals, family offices, companies, charities, pension funds and other institutions. City professionals who use our services include Partners at the large legal and accountancy firms.

We aim to assist each client to build their finances on solid foundations in order to achieve desired objectives.

Our Discretionary Service allows clients to outsource portfolio investment decisions and reduce paperwork.  We invest in collective investments and individual shares and bonds in our portfolios with the aim of further improving performance.

Clients use Cantab Asset Management for many reasons, including:

  • Personal service with a Cantab Client Director;
  • Cantab has a track record of good advice over thirty years;
  • Assets under management have grown at an annual average rate of 41% over the last four years;
  • Cantab’s investment portfolio performance places it in the top quartile of the FT Private Client Wealth Management Guide;
  • Cantab makes it easy to transfer existing investments, taking most of the administration load.

Please contact us to discuss your financial situation on 020 3651 0570 or complete our Enquiry Form.

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