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Why Cantab's funds?


Whilst past performance is no guide to future performance, Cantab’s ARC verified Moderate and Balanced portfolios have consistently performed well. In 2016 and 2017 the Moderate portfolio was listed at the top of the 5-year performance table in the FT Private Client Wealth Management Guide. Investments may go up or down.


Cantab Asset Management is independent and chooses funds for investment from the whole of the market. We believe this should improve performance in the long run. 

Team Approach

Cantab’s Investment Committee makes decisions together on asset allocation and fund selection. The varied backgrounds and approaches of the team allow for productive discussion and rigorous decision-making for the Funds. 

Fund Managers:

David Saunderson, Chartered Accountant, Downing College, Cambridge
Dr Jeremy Davis, Chartered Wealth Manager, Magdalene College, Cambridge
Leah Bramwell, Chartered Financial Analyst, Newnham College, Cambridge 

Fund of Funds

Each of our funds is a collection of what we believe are the best funds available to achieve a particular objective, in a single, convenient investment managed by our experienced team.

When choosing funds, we look for exceptional fund managers. We like experienced managers that we can trust, so we focus on their track history and ability to achieve the best long-term returns possible.