Cantab Asset Management is dedicated to serving Partners in the leading accountancy and legal firms.

Through our specialist Cantab Asset Management Partners Services Team, we have an excellent track record of advising and assisting Partners in all areas of their financial and wealth management.

Within our Partners Services Team, we have Directors dedicated to working with and for Hogan Lovells Partners – their details are below.

Partners use Cantab for many reasons, including:

  • Personal service with a Cantab Client Director and meetings in Hogan Lovells offices;
  • Cantab’s track record of good advice over thirty years;
  • Assets under management have grown at an annual average rate of 20% over the last four years;
  • Cantab’s investment portfolio performance places it in the top quartile of the ARC Private Client rankings over the last ten years;
  • Cantab is independent, providing unbiased and unrestricted advice for a client based upon a comprehensive and fair analysis of the whole of the marketplace and all of the relevant tax wrappers;
  • Cantab creates portfolios for Partners that meet with Hogan Lovells compliance requirements;
  • Competitive fees.
Ed Green Director 01223 57 8411
Lionel Welch Director 01223 57 8415

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