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17th September 2018 - News

Outlook for Investments: A World of Political Uncertainty

As is often the case, we find ourselves surrounded by media coverage of short-term political events. This has been accompanied by heightened levels of market volatility in certain regions, notably Asia and Emerging Markets. In this article ...

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16th September 2018 - News

Chariots of Fire 2018

More than 1,750 runners came together for the Chariots of Fire Race in Cambridge on 16 September 2018.  Congratulations to the two Cantab Asset Management teams (each with six relay runners) who took part, raising money for Cambrid ...

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3rd September 2018 - News

Cantab family member in World Cup Final

Silver medallist Elena Tice, celebrates her silver medal as Finalist for Team Ireland in the Women’s World Cup Hockey at the Olympic Park over the weekend with her uncle, David Saunderson, Chief Executive of Cantab Asset Management. ...

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1st September 2018 - Investment Comment

Investment Comment September 2018

The US returned as the top global market performer in August, after underperforming Europe (ex UK) in July, with the MSCI USA up 3.3%.  Preceded by strong performance in July, European markets contracted, with the MSCI Europe (ex UK) ...

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1st August 2018 - Investment Comment

Investment Comment August 2018

Europe outperformed global markets in July, with the MSCI Europe (ex UK) index up 4.1%, followed by the US and emerging markets which returned 3.6% (MSCI USA) and 2.2% (MSCI EM) respectively. Asian markets were relatively flat on the month ...

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