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5th March 2018 - Investment Comment

Investment Comment March 2018

Following record market highs experienced in January, early February saw a stock market correction, after the release of strong US economic data. Global currency, commodity, bond and equity markets all reacted with volatility, but the glob ...

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19th February 2018 - News

'A Good Education' just published

Cantab Asset Management is delighted that David Saunderson is quoted in Margaret White’s newly released book entitled “A Good Education”. The book looks into what constitutes a good education and presents a ‘four-di ...

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6th February 2018 - News

Wealth in Great Britain ONS report summary 2018

On 1 February 2018, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) released a 70 page statistical bulletin on the Wealth in Great Britain covering the period July 2014 to June 2016. The report is based on interviews from a cohort of 20,000 house ...

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2nd February 2018 - Investment Comment

Investment Comment February 2018

With many markets hitting record highs at the beginning of January, many commentators were surprised by the rise in volatility experienced at the end of the month through the first week of February. US equities led the sell-off, initiated ...

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1st February 2018 - Briefing Notes

Active vs Passive

Some academic research has suggested that buying ‘passive’ index tracker funds would enable clients to beat the average active manager by saving fees. We believe that this approach is not necessarily going to produce optimal re ...

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