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5th November 2015 - News

Beware the Lifetime Allowance

The lifetime allowance was introduced in 2006 as a way to test all pension benefits built up by one individual over their lifetime. The tests with respect to the allowance take account of the timing of the benefits, type of benefit and ...

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2nd November 2015 - Investment Comment

Investment Comment November 2015

In the UK, economic news was generally positive in October. Retail sales were up significantly by 1.9%, in a sign of continuing consumer spending power. Disposable income passed previous highs, now being above pre-2008 levels. Manufacturin ...

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4th October 2015 - Investment Comment

Investment Comment October 2015

Investment markets continued to be volatile during September, with the third quarter of 2015 seeing the worst quarterly performance for four years.  Returns of the major indices are shown below:   Q3 20 ...

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29th September 2015 - Investment Comment

Investment Comment September 2015

The market volatility caused by the so-called ‘Great Fall of China’ has grabbed attention during August and we issued a separate note on Monday 24 August in relation thereto. In summary, the market in China had experienced rapi ...

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19th August 2015 - News

Investment Disclosure Implications of the Freedom of Information Act 2000

Recently, several institutions have been embarrassed after details of their investment holdings were revealed. For example, the Church of England was, after a speech by the Archbishop of Canterbury criticizing payday loans, revealed to hav ...

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