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19th June 2015 - News

Twenty years of the Alternative Investment Market on the London Stock Exchange

This week marks twenty years since the foundation of the Alternative Investment Market (AIM). AIM was started to provide a junior market with fewer demands on the companies that sought to list there, allowing them to access funding and eve ...

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9th June 2015 - Investment Comment

Investment Comment June 2015

In Europe, the primary focus continues to be the Greek debt talks. By spending money from the public sector pension fund and local government funds, the Greek government has so far managed to avoid default. However, its reserves are rapidl ...

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11th May 2015 - Investment Comment

Investment Comment May 2015

The General Election has dominated UK news in the last six weeks. In defiance of the pollsters’ predictions, the Conservatives won and the markets were delighted. Overnight, the pound jumped more than 1% against the USD and more than ...

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8th April 2015 - Investment Comment

Investment Comment April 2015

Over the last month, the Top UK 100 Companies tested the 7,000 level, setting new all-time highs. After a brief retreat from there it returned to 7,000 in the first days of April. The market was supported by positive economic data, in ...

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19th March 2015 - News

Budget 2015 Summary

Please see below our summary notes from the Chancellor's speech 18 March 2015 for your information. State of the economy UK grew 2.6% in 2014, faster than any other advanced economy but lower than 3% predicted in December 2.5% g ...

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