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4th March 2015 - Investment Comment

Investment Comment: March 2015

In the UK, the Top UK 100 Companies ended February by setting new record highs at 6,958, breaking the previous record of 6,950, which had stood since the last trading day of 1999. This move reflected improving sentiment in the UK. Man ...

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12th February 2015 - News

Impact of the 2015 General Election on the markets

Much has been written, and will continue to be written, about the battle between the parties and a great deal of this analysis discusses the potential economic consequences of party policies. This note provides a more general discussion ab ...

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2nd February 2015 - Investment Comment

Investment Comment: February 2015

The biggest financial headlines in the last month came out of Europe, as the ECB launched its much-anticipated quantitative easing programme on 22 January. At €60 billon per month, the QE package was substantially larger than markets ...

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21st January 2015 - News

Taxation of Pensions Act 2014: Royal Assent

Summary Following the Chancellor’s announcements in the budget of 19 March 2014 and subsequent statements, the Taxation of Pensions Act 2014 becomes possibly the most thorough pension reform since 1921.  It puts into law ne ...

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15th January 2015 - News

Social Investment Tax Relief

In the Autumn Statement 2014, the Chancellor announced that investment in or qualifying loans to social enterprises would attract tax relief.  In this note we compare the tax relief offered with that already offered on SEISs, VCTs and ...

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