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25th April 2013 - Investment Comment

Investment Comment April 2013

A falling currency and continued momentum in equities globally saw sterling-based investors reap considerable rewards in the first quarter of 2013. Regional market performance was not uniform. In particular, the developed stockmarkets o ...

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9th April 2013 - Investment Comment

Quarterly Investment Comment: Q2 2013

Returns of indices are shown below:     Q1 2013      %   Year 2012    % Year 2011    %   Equities   ...

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25th March 2013 - News

Golden Rules for Trustees

The Trustee Act 2000 details the main responsibilities of trustees but does not address the practicalities of trust administration. The following tips may assist trustees in the performance of their duties:   1. Obtain a copy ...

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6th March 2013 - News

March Newsletter

The pound in your pocket Sterling is under pressure, falling in value against the dollar, the Euro and other currencies such as the Australian dollar. In consequence, imported goods and trips abroad are becoming more expensive. The ...

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18th February 2013 - News

February Newsletter

20 March Budget The Chancellor’s 2013 Budget proposals are to be announced on 20 March – two weeks before the end of the tax year. Clients wishing to review their finances before 6 April in the light of Budget proposals w ...

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