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7th February 2012 - News

Update on the markets

The stockmarkets of the world have done well so far in 2012. Equities are cheap relative to bonds in the US and the UK, and company earnings are growing. This is likely to lead to good returns from equities in the medium term, but there ar ...

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30th January 2012 - News

Comments from Fund Managers

Ted Alexander, Neptune Global Long/ Short Sector Fund Sectors tend to provide long periods of outperformance or underperformance, making it relatively easy to identify a trend. They also have lower volatility than individual stocks. The ...

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5th January 2012 - Investment Comment

Investment Comment Jan 2012

We said in our investment commentary in October that earnings yields in most equity markets compare very favourably with bond yields relative to history. That continues to be the case, despite recent rises in the stockmarket as a result of ...

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3rd January 2012 - News

SRA take first ABS applications

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) became a Licensing Authority on 23 December 2011, and expects about 20 applicants for Alternative Business Structures (ABS) initially, when it starts processing applications. Among them will be the ...

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22nd December 2011 - News

VCTs available for investment

With restrictions on pension contributions and the lifetime allowance for pensions coming down from £1.8m to £1.5m in April, other forms of tax-efficient investment may need to be considered. These include Venture Capital Trust ...

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