Cantab constructs client portfolios using a clear and transparent asset allocation model, based on objectives and attitude to risk.

Cantab’s approach is long-term buy and hold and style agnostic, with clear strategies and appropriate diversification.

The Investment Committee is chaired by the Chief Executive and provides the asset allocation and fund manager selection for the Cantab model portfolios. The Committee reviews the internal and external reports of analysts and provides a sounding board for client teams involved in the management of client portfolios.


Strong Long-Term Perfomance

Whilst past performance is not a guide for future returns, Cantab has a good track record of risk-adjusted investment performance.

Strong Client Relationships

Investment management is part of our financial planning service and follows the same process of agreeing, implementing, and monitoring investment strategies on behalf of our clients.

Experienced Investment Committee

The Investment Committee has more than 150 years of combined investment experience and meets regularly to review reports from internal and external analysts.

If you are looking to improve the management of your investments, our team are here to help.

Diligent hands bring wealth