Cantab’s professional staff are trained in tax planning and assessing tax efficient structures for clients. Whilst Cantab staff do not complete tax returns for clients, they do seek tax efficient structures for clients.

Gaining tax relief on pension contributions and holding investments in Individual Savings Accounts and insurance bonds are some of the ways that tax efficiency may be utilised to advantage for clients.

There are some tax arrangements which are not straightforward and where there may be doubt over the investment case, Cantab is careful to place the investment case above any tax efficiency gain.

Cantab is prudent and sensible in assessing the suitability of investment opportunities and will not suggest ‘grey’ areas.

Estate planning can be of significant importance to clients in both inter-generational wealth transfer and tax efficiency.

Cantab’s Chartered Financial Planners will set out the options available and work with clients to choose the most appropriate routes for clients’ individual circumstances.

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