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Financial planners understand the complete picture.

Financial Planning describes the process by which a client outlines their financial goals (in as much detail as possible) and is then assisted - in this case by Cantab Asset Management's dedicated Financial Planners - in working out the achievement of those goals. This involves assisting clients evaluate, structure and plan their financial affairs such that they fit with their financial goals.

The steps involved include: collecting and assessing all relevant personal and financial data; identifying financial objectives; processing and analysing information; producing a financial plan and then discussing and agreeing the plan; implementing the plan; reviewing progress and modifying the plan as your circumstances change.

The plan may include detailed recommendations in the following areas: Investment Planning, Tax Planning, Risk Management and Insurance, Retirement Planning and Estate Planning.

Cantab Asset Management can also provide specialist advice on education funding and funding for long-term care.

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Our Advice Process

Our Advice Process for Institutions

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